Panic mode

Monday, 3 December 2012

It is less than a week until clothes show live 2012 and I literally have no idea what to wear.
I always have difficulty deciding what to wear but usually I'm not going anywhere important enough for my eventual decision to really matter, but this time there are going to be photographers and style scouts and famous people and bloggers and basically just loads of people that I want to make a good impression on, and I am seriously panicking over here!
I don't want to overdress as I don't want to look like something I'm not, or give people the impression that I look nice every day because I most definitely don't (I mean right now I am wearing leggings and an oversized mens jumper, hardly glamourous) but I obviously want to look like I've made some sort of effort.
I'm a huge huge huge fan of harajuku and japanese style, along with vintage and retro clothes, and so hopefully I can find something that shows my tastes and fashion sense without looking ridiculous. Wish me luck...I think I'm going to need it.


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