This chaos, it defies imagination

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

(Vintage Leopard print shirt: brick lane, Pattern Jumper: Blitz, Levi shorts: Rokit, Tights: M&S, Shoes: Office.)
Happy Tuesday guys!
I'm on half-term this week, which means no school until next monday...I can't physically express just how much I needed the break! I haven't had much time to relax yet though, as I spent the weekend away in Hereford with some friends (which was lovely...nothing beats a good sunday roast and a walk in the country!) and then I had to nip into school on monday morning to continue work on my textiles project, followed by a nice coffee with my god mum. I then had to fit in my orthodontist appointment in between my day of art coursework, and organise seeing my school friends later in the week. I love being busy - it makes you really appreciate those lazy pyjama days I like to have.
I'm heading off to an art exhibition tomorrow (expect outfit posts!) and then Somerset House's Valentino exhibition on thursday, which I am super excited for as not only is it Valentino we're talking about, but London Fashion Week will be taking place in the same venue. You never know, one day I might actually get to attend the shows instead of just watching the video clips online!
ellie xo


  1. I love your jumper! (and lots of other items from your outfit posts haha)

    Please check out my blog:

    Thanks :)
    Tanya x

  2. cute jumper:D


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