All the nightmares came today

Monday, 4 March 2013

Happy Monday guys! I had a bit of a lazy day today, as I was super tired after a busy weekend. I went out for pizza with my friends for one of their birthday's on saturday, then stayed the night at hers and ended up watching three films...I don't know how I stayed awake. We also did all the usual kind of sleepover things like eating loads and messing around with facemasks, which was pretty awesome. I like pretending to be 12 again, so much less stressful than house parties and various alcohol-influenced gatherings.
My friend lives near Church Street in London, and on my way to the pizza restaurant we found the most perfect record shop was all vintage-y and cheap and amazing and I had to literally tear myself away from all the vinyls and videos and books and old magazines and blondie posters...but I'm going to go back next saturday and will probably spend all my life savings on secondhand treasure. Be prepared for many photos/posts from then. (I am so excited you do not understand).
Anyway, today I ended up borrowing my dad's calvin klein jumper, which I wore with my old Levi's, mum's brown leather belt. topshop socks (they're black with gold glitter, I just love glitter) creepers, and this cute little silver heart necklace my mum got me when I was little.

This look will be on my lookbook account ( ) please check it out and maybe leave your lookbook links if you have one, so I can see your looks too ^_^ Also, I'm thinking of doing a 'what's in my makeup bag' kind of post tomorrow...what do you think? Good idea?
ellie xo


  1. This outfit would be like something I would wear too! Looks comfy and grungy + you have creepers, I really want creepers :D

    1. Thankyou! yes I love my creepers, though I recommend if you get some that you get them secondhand or off something like ebay - You can get them for like a third of their usual retail price! <3 x


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