Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hi everyone...I wouldn't usually make a last-minute post like this but this morning I woke up to 100 fans on lookbook and just felt like I needed to say thank you!
I only started posting on there quite recently and can't thank you all enough for giving me such a warm welcome into the online community. I know 100 isn't much compared to the lookbook famous but to me, it's a super big deal...I had zero a couple of weeks ago!
I obviously intend to carry on with my lookbook account, as it really helps with this blog and I do enjoy it...I just hope you guys keep enjoying what I post too :)

My lookbook is http://lookbook.nu/ellie_c if you haven't already seen it...maybe you could leave your lookbook links below if you have one, so that I can check your looks out too?

thanks again, also there will be a shiny new post tomorrow (I'm so sorry I'm not so good with this post everyday kind of life!)
lots of love,

ellie xo


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaay, well done :D I need to start posting more regularly on there! xo

    1. thankyou helen! and yeah you should, I fanned you and I think your looks are awesome!xx


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