Versatile blogger award!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

guys guys guys I got nominated for something!!
Rosie from Rosie and the Wolf nominated me for a Versatile blogger award, and I'm currently freaking out a little because I've never been nominated for anything before and feelings and argh...and basically I love Rosie she is awesome (and she makes amazing collages & is really good at art!)
Anyway, here's my seven facts:
1) My hair colour is 100% natural, and has never been dyed or changed in any way. It also doesn't actually change colour, it just looks different in different light. (Half the people I know are still confused as to why it looks brown one day and ginger the next)
2) This isn't my first attempt at blogging...I tried to start a blog in year 8 when I was about 13 however I could barely use the internet and had no idea what to write about (I also had no fashion sense) so that blog just kind of sat there for a while. I think it was called orange squash or something...even though I don't drink orange squash.
3) I want this to be a personal style blog, and I intend to make it a good one (I just need to sort my clothes out and take some more pictures that's all) Also I don't dress as nicely for school, because I'm lazy and often wear jeans and jumpers.
4) I have never been to a house party. Ever. I am 15. I am a terrible excuse for a teenager.
5) I sometimes wish I could move schools. I love my friends but sometimes would just love to be able to start afresh somewhere new, where I could totally reinvent myself.
6) I never ever try clothes on. Well, I try on some clothes, but more often than not I just guess and hope they'll fit, which they usually do...then again, I'd probably wear them anyway.
7) I once dislocated my elbow by falling off a sofa. Welcome to my life.
I nominate:
Fifi (sofificated)
The Rules:
Share some facts about yourself
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Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post!
Thanks again Rosie! :)
ellie xo


  1. You're very welcome :D and I haven't been to a house party yet and I'm 17. There's still time!!!

    1. haha yay you never know, maybe next year! :) x

  2. yay i'm going to do mine soon... i wish i could have seen your orange squash blog!

    1. I know I really want to find it but I think it got deleted or something because I didn't use it...:( oh well! :) xx

  3. I've really enjoyed reading your blog!


  4. Interesting...I'm also a pretty sorry excuse for a teenager, as I basically never do anything. (I blame tumblr.) :)

    1. omg yes, tumblr has basically ruined my life (but I love it) xx

  5. Eeee, thanks Ellie! I'll do my post soon :) xxx

  6. Congrats!! That's so awesome!

    I just started following your blog :)
    Check out mine at

  7. Your hair is beautiful ! The best fact is that it's natural :)

    xx Agata


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