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Saturday, 16 March 2013

(my current spring inspiration...Josephine Skriver by Colin Dodgson for T magazine)
Image heavy post today folks...it's rainy and grey and I'm all gross and in my pyjamas so I haven't got any new pictures for you (I am so bad at this, I'm supposed to be posting about my personal style yet I never take any pictures). Anyway, I'm sorting my clothes out for Italy today, which means ordering some new bits & bobs to take with me...at the moment I've got my heart set on these gorgeous cream bowling shoes from Rokit...not sure if I'll get something like them but let's all just acknowledge their beauty for a second:

(aren't they adorable?! check them out here: http://www.rokit.co.uk/product.php?product_id=WF150741)
They even say 'Lady Rebel' on the side which is just the sweetest and yeah I think I'm a little bit in love to be quite honest.
I have also been sorting through some of the old photos on my hard drive, and found this from my last outfit post:
I don't know what my face is doing but I like the photo quality because it looks kind of disposable-camera-ish.
ALSO (I seem to say also a lot don't I?) I'm planning on re-decorating my room a lil' bit and here's some of my inspiration that I found on tumblr and the like:
(via 10cm2) I want to write angsty hole lyrics on my door but I doubt my dad will let me...
(not sure of original source, I got this from http://forthequainthearted.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/room-part-1.html )
I'm still quite new to this whole blog thang and so I promise my posts will start to be a hell of a lot better soon, I am aware my blog at the moment is a little on the what-the-hell-was-she-thinking-when-she-put-those-photos-together side but you know, everything good takes time!
ellie xo


  1. Haha, random photos are good/interesting and not in a 'what the hell?' kind of way! xox

  2. If your dad won't let you write on your door you could always cover it up in paper (the massive rolls from Ikea are really good) and then scribble on those. And when you get tired of it you can just tear it down rather than have to paint over it :P

  3. That's such a good idea! Can you imagine using it as wallpaper and being able to doodle on your walls?! that would be so awesome...thankyou so much for the suggestion!x

  4. Nice room inspiration! And don't worry about being new, I found this to be very nice. :D

  5. these inspirations are so cool and can i just have ur hair pls


  6. Thankyou so much!! And I would totally say yes but I don't know if they let you mail hair yet...or do they? ;) xx

  7. I like this post and great room inspirations. :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me if you want and I'll be happy to follow you back. :)

  8. hey ellie! found your blog on lookbook! would you like to follow each other?

    x viktoria


    1. sure thing, will check your blog out now :)x

  9. I love your blog I have followed the link from rookie And I think your style is really awesome and inspiring! I do fashion blogging too and LOVE vintage clothing too!


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