Giveaway results & versatile blogger #2!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The results are in! I was a bit shocked to see so many people had actually entered (over 50! crazy right?!) and so I'm super sorry for this post coming a little later than I'd expected. I numbered the names in order of who emailed first (first email being 1, etc) and then used a random number generator to pick out four names, one winner of the bundle & three runners up. The three runners up are as follows:
1) Chaymae Yalloul
2) Rebecca Sollars
3) Maria Pastor
You guys are backup in case I can't contact the actual winner, and I will be sending a glittery letter & some illustrations your way too! Expect an email :)
The winner of the giveaway was...(imaginary drum roll please)
Dani Germade!
Congratulations Dani, going to email you now and hopefully get everything sent off to you tomorrow, tuesday at the latest :) Hope you like everything!
I also just want to take this little opportunity to say thankyou SOSOSO much to everyone who entered, I'm sorry I can't send a gift package to all of you! I hope you're having a good weekend, and you never know, I might do another giveaway at some point in the future.
ARGH. So this happened. This is the second time I've been nominated and I am so grateful and a little bit shellshocked if I'm honest. I was nominated by the absolutely gorgeous Josephine from Frilly Pink Dreams, who I admire so much, so please check out her blog as she is super awesome and oh so lovely.
The rules are:
1) Thank the person that gave you the award.
2) Include a link to their blog.
3) Select 15 blogs to nominate for the award.
4) Tell the person who nominated you and your readers 7 things about yourself.
Here goes:
1) I don't always dress up, and occasionally wear really boring outfits to school because I'm really lazy and usually running late.
2) I live in the constant battle of wanting to stand out but wanting to blend in at the same time.
3) I'm desperately trying to get over my body image issues. riots not diets, girlfriends.
4) My favourite places are central park, in New York, Brighton beach, and Florence, Venice, and Lake Como in Italy.
5) I enjoy online shopping aka adding everything I want to my basket then crying because I can't afford it
6) No one at school knows I blog. I never really mentioned it, and don't really know how to. I think I'll just wait for them to find it (and I kind of hope they won't)
7) I have eaten almost an entire jar of nutella with a spoon in one sitting, on more than one occasion. I have also dipped the vast majority of chocolate bars in it too (and peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter is to die for)
There's my seven things, so I guess I better nominate some blogs. I don't think I can manage 15, but I'll do my best...also, don't be offended if I don't nominate you, I'm just trying to nominate different blogs to the ones I nominated last time.
Ok, phew. I'm sorry for the text-heavy post, just had a lot to say I an (awesome) outfit post & inspiration planned to post tomorrow, and I'm planning on a room tour later in the week, because I just realised none of you have seen where I spend 99.9% of my time.
ellie xo


  1. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG OMGEEEE *excited squeal* this is the best! thanks so much, i just emailed you :D

    and number 5 just basically sums up my life

    1. jsdhfqefjnf I know right I'm actually excited and I'm not the one getting anything?! will email you back nowww :)x

  2. thank you so so much for nominating me! i'm doing a post about it right now!!
    and hurray for dani!

  3. Thank you for nominating me! also omg have you tried goldfish in nutella perfect I tell you

    1. no problem! no I haven't, omg I think I'm going to have to though

  4. hehe, i can't imagine you in boring clothes! thanks for nominating moi <3

  5. thank you! <3 i made the post about it ;3

    And YOU are in the list of the winners!
    Go and write your opinion who is the best and who is the worst in your opinion and in 16.05.2013 i will say who will won the biggest box full of stuff! All you need to do is to write your opinion WHY you think the blog you chose is first, second, third and etc.

    You already got something if you are in this list!
    kisses, have a nice day!
    EMILY <3 ^.^ *_* >,<



  7. I've just discovered your blog and oh my!! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!

    I'm following you for sure!!! xx

  8. "I live in the constant battle of wanting to stand out but wanting to blend in at the same time." - definition of MY LIFEEE

  9. OH MY GOD than you for nominating me and congrats to the winner x


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