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Friday, 22 November 2013

Hi again guys. This post isn't going to be as organised as usual as I have quite a lot to say and not very many photographs to go with I apologise for the slightly untidy edge but I'm sure you all understand. I've had exams all week (ugh) and haven't had time to blog at all, but today is this blog's first birthday and I felt like it was too important a date to miss posting something, even if it is a little disjointed.
On November 22nd 2012 I posted my first little thing on this page, with absolutely no idea what it would mean to me in the long run. I started blogging purely because I was unhappy and fed up and I wanted to DO something...and for some reason posting odd pictures of myself on a web page seemed like the right thing to 'DO'. I was of course really into fashion and art and creativity in general, but had not until that point found a means through which I could express myself properly. Blogging became a sort of hobby, and before long I had found other teens with similar interests doing the same thing, who in turn led me to discover Rookie, which has changed me significantly as a person and opened my eyes up to a whole bundle of things from artists, literature, feminism...and of course photography and a love of clothes. It wasn't until about February 2013 that my blog began to get any following whatsoever, and even then I still had no idea of what things it could lead me to in the future. I'm still surprised that people actually read what I write...and obviously I am really grateful to any of you that take the time to follow me and comment and give me feedback.
Through this blog I have met so many talented and awesome people, and have been given such fantastic opportunities, and I'm aware that this sounds really gushing and cliché but I couldn't let my first blogiversary (still can't spell it) go by without being a little bit annoying and dramatic. I intend to keep running this page for the foreseeable future, and can't wait to see what else I can get away with doing with the excuse 'it's for my blog.' (seriously, though - I've even sweet-talked my parents into taking me out for lunch once purely to take photos for this page)
Anyway, I've just realised in an entire year I've never actually posted much of my artwork...which isn't that great but I haven't had time to take any outfit photos and so thought that hopefully these will do instead.

(apples from an old sketchbook)

(unfinished schoolwork on Paul Klee)

(copy of Paul Klee's 'Christian Sectarian' and a response self portrait)

(schoolwork on Sarah Beetson)

(Sarah Beetson)

(Schoolwork on Mira Schendel)

(photographs of my chalk pastel drawings inspired by Paula Rego)

So yeah...that's pretty much all I have for you today, but I will take some actual pictures this weekend and make it up to you all (also I'm planning a giveaway soon so watch out)
love and hugs

ellie xo


  1. Your art coursework looks gorgeous!!

  2. Well first of all happy bloggiversary!! I've been following your blog for a few months now and your writingstyle has improved so much! Congratulations on the milestone, lauryn from x

    P.S. I wish I could draw half as well as you can, your coursework is looking amazing!


  3. aw great post!

  4. It is great that you've been blogging for so long. I hope you continue to blog for many years to come. Also your artwork is really fabulous.

  5. Happy, Happy blogiversary! It's so awesome that in only one year you got the following you have. But your blog is so interesting, why should anyone be surprised? :) I love how you weave all sorts of artistic things into a fashion blog.

  6. Oh I love Rookie too! I've only recently gotten into reading it but it is absolutely fantastic.
    I love your writing style!


  7. so rad!! the chalk pastel drawings are so lovely :))

  8. Congratulations! I looked back at some of your first posts and, wow, you've progressed so much! Lovely artwork by the way.

  9. Well Done! Your drawings and sketches are a-maz-ing. The chalk pastel at the end, wow, just wow.
    Alice x

  10. Those paintings are lovely. Happy (late) anniversary! <3


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