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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Hello guys! Today I went to Clothes Show Live in Birmingham for the second time. I went last year and loved it, but this year it was definitely more organised with more quality and vintage stalls, so I had a fabulous time rooting through all of the things they had on sale. The show itself isn't really what I'd imagine to be my sort of thing, but there was a whole section of the NEC hall devoted to vintage and secondhand clothing, all at really competitive prices (one-off denim jackets for £25 etc). I thoroughly enjoyed myself and managed to get a good few bargains, all of which I'm sure will be on this blog soon.

I wore a sunflower dress from camden market with a Beyond Retro cardigan, rokit boots, topshop socks and a charity shop shirt. The pin was my mum's from when she was a teenager.

It was too busy to take good pictures in the actual hall but I managed to do some awkward posing just outside. I got a few weird looks but you know, it's all for the greater good right?

I actually had a really nice day out, and am now relaxing with tea and yoghurt before running out again to a friend's birthday. I hope you are all having a good weekend...I can't wait to get this busy week done so I can post a little less erratically again! hugs,

ellie xo


  1. lovely yellow flowers! I really like how you put everything together in this outfit. it all belongs together!

  2. I really wanted to go to the clothes show this year! Unfortunately I wasn't organised enough to get myself there, but I'm glad you had fun x

  3. oh you look gorgeous, the cardigan and dress go so well together! <3


  4. I love the semi-clashing cardigan and sunflower dress, you've given me some inspiration
    and the socks too ahhhh so kawaii <3

  5. this outfit is awesome one of my favourites!!

    weirdoland -

  6. Your outfit is gorgeous. I'm glad that you had a good time xoxo

  7. So pretty! Sounds like a great event, too :)

  8. The long sweater is awesome... since I've been little I've loved 80's-90's fashion. Glad the style is coming back!

  9. Awesome florals! Sounds like a fun day :)

  10. I thought that dress was from american apparel for a sec, great find!


    1. Thanks! Yeah it's like the exact same print!

  11. love this outfit so much! super cute!


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