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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hello guys. I have to admit, I think this evening I am seriously winning the multi-tasking game...I am currently in the process of writing this, finishing some work for my English class, and catching up on the Sherlock finale which I have been meaning to watch since Sunday. I like being busy and so seem to always take on multiple things at once, even when I have no need to. It's strange.
Anyway, on the weekend I visited my cousins in their new home. They've just moved into a gorgeous little house just outside of London, and I was obviously completely infatuated with the sleepy, sharp grey suburbia, perfectly set off by the miserable weather.

I wore a cardigan and shirt from Beyond Retro, with my Topshop jeans, Rokit shoes and bag from The London Satchel Company. My jacket belonged to my mum...I wear so many of her old things that I'm starting to feel like I'm turning into a teenage version of her or something. A little like the film 13 going on 30, I guess. (I love that movie I mean the 80's makeup is to die for).

I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop wearing brown and mustard...since purchasing my yellow coat, I have become obsessed with earthy, natural tones and seem to be wearing something orange or tan coloured almost every day. I love it though. I also have way too many checkered and tartan skirts, but since the 90s seems to be making a comeback, I see this as no bad thing.

We had a lovely lunch in a nearby cafe (which I would literally live in if it was near to my house) and obviously I felt the need to photograph it...I love documenting things and for some reason that means taking photographs of a lot of the food I eat (trust me if I didn't control myself I would photograph everything). I had thought that my need to record everything was a recent thing, but after sorting through some old scrapbooks of mine, I realised that in fact I've been an obsessive documenter since the age of about seven. I wonder what that says about me.
Also, yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the Beyond Retro Industry Talks at their Cheshire Street store. I went with my two friends Poppy and Mabel, and got to listen to talks by Naomi from the amazing Two Shoes One Pair,  Company Magazine's street-style photographer Holly Mcglynn, and Little Mix's stylist Holly Ounstead. It was a fantastic event, and it was so amazing to be able to hear about the fashion industry directly from the people working in it, and get to talk with them afterwards. Everyone was so lovely, and I am looking forward to hopefully doing some collaborations in the future.
I hope you are all having a good week,

ellie xo


  1. all your clothes are so fabby wow agh I wish I lived within close range of decent vintage shops :((((((

  2. Such cute shoes!
    x Yazmine


  4. I adore your coat, the pattern is absolutely perfect. The pops of mustard throughout your outfit are simply lovely.

  5. like earthy mustardy tones suit you so much though! I loooove this outfit<3


  6. I love that cardigan! I completely understand the need to document every amazing meal I eat, my phone is full of pictures of food!

    1. thankyou! and yay I'm not the only one!! :)

  7. Beautiful outfit, love the scene behind you. So pretty x


  8. Don't stop wearing mustards and earthy tones- they look great on you!! Your outfit and these photos are absolutely divine btw x

  9. Ah! Your blazer is to die for! I need to keep an eye out for a little old man blazer in the charity shops now!
    This outfit is so lovely, as always!

  10. ur outfit is amazing ahh i love ur blog x x

  11. Those talks must have been AMAZING! So jelly... lovely outfit too!

  12. your outfit reminds me of old national geographics in the grooviest way possible!
    also: SHERLOCK
    so intense!

    1. Thankyou!!! And I know it was serious business

  13. such a cute cardigan, also I swear you always have the best food <3 <3


  14. I'm in love with your outfit !
    Plus you kinda remind me of Wednesday Addams but with red hair x


  15. You're gorgeous that cardigan is sooo nice xx

  16. Absolutely adorable! Love your outfit:)

    Niki xx



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