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Friday, 16 May 2014

 Happy Friday! It looks like a nice one...but then again I'm slightly biased as I don't have any exams today. I'm not exactly enjoying the weather, as I'm holed up in my house desperately trying to learn physics before Monday, but it's a welcome break to hear the birds singing outside instead of the erratic rain patterns of the last week or so. It has made me ridiculously excited for summer, as all I can think about is how amazing it will be to just get to lie in the sun all day and not have to think about anything or do anything whatsoever. I also really want to just watch movies for a day, as I feel there are lots I have somehow missed seeing and need to catch up on.
I threw this outfit on the other day to go out and buy some more decaf green tea. Naively I had assumed that green tea was caffeine-free because, well, it's all herbal-y and healthy and all that jazz and it says absolutely nowhere on the packet that it contains caffeine...but to my dismay I realised it did and I had been unknowingly filling myself with ungodly amounts of caffeine every single day. Not that I have anything against caffeine but I may as well have been drinking coffee all day or something. As you can see I have some really interesting struggles in my daily life (not).

I have essentially been living in these dungarees for the past week because they are absolutely perfect for exams...mainly due to the whole no-waistband situation. There is nothing as freeing and comfortable as wearing something without a waistband, and so I was in my element for the whole day. They're also so easy to wear because all you need do is find some form of top and tad-da, you have your outfit. The perfect solution to those lazy day blues when you just don't feel like putting a full outfit together.
I got these dungarees from Beyond Retro (they have so many. And sometimes cute novelty ones too) and wore them with my current favourite shirt which I picked up from the Vintage Car Boot sale I went to on the Southbank. I love the cute lace detail on the collar and sleeve cuffs, as it looks sweet under jumpers as well as on it's own like this. I also wore socks from Topshop, glasses from the Car Boot sale (which say Gucci on the arm but I have yet to find out if they actually are or not) a bag that belonged to my mum and my bowling shoes from Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. I never thought they were that unusual when I bought them, but for some reason they seem to confuse / offend the entire human population. Numerous occasions have led me to explain that yes, they are bowling shoes, and no, I did not steal them from the Hollywood Bowl. Raised eyebrows and a few confused stares have become normal when I wear them, though I'm not sure why because I mean they're hardly fluorescent pink or something. I will never understand normal people.

In other news, you may have noticed my blog has had a (complete) makeover. I haven't been happy with it for a while now, and thought I may as well try and make it look a little more 'finished'. There's still lots to be done but for now I'm quite happy with it...I love having more of a logo instead of my blog title just written in a regular font. I have Elevator Musik on Etsy to thank for the redesign, and highly recommend her themes as getting this one sorted was quick and easy (and the instructions were so helpful as I'm not known for being the best at HTML).

As you know voting is still open for Company Magazine's style blogger awards. I really appreciate you all for voting and helping me get shortlisted, and would be really grateful if you had a moment to vote again (this time to win) in the Best Teen Blog (Under 18) category (it's about the 8th page, you have to vote for a blog in each of the other categories as well and then submit them all). Thank you so much and sorry for being annoying and reminding you again!
Hope you have a good weekend!


  1. I love the new theme! The banner is amazing<3 These shoes are the best and I so need some dungarees! Hope your exams are going well - urgh god physics on monday I feel your pain! Luckily I opted out of triple last minute when deciding my options as science stresses me out so much! Summer couldn't come soon enough and caffeine is literally getting me through these exams - I'll have to go on a caffeine detox in the summer haha! Sending you good luck vibes for the rest of your exams<3 xx


  2. you look beautiful....nice pics!
    good luck!

  3. You look so pretty again Ellie !
    I Will try and vote for you ;)


  4. With the voting for your blog thing, I see your name in the list, but what do I do to submit the vote?

    1. you have to click a blog for each category, and keep clicking 'next page' until it lets you put your name and email address, then you click 'submit' :) I couldn't work it on mobile, it works better on a laptop..thankyou! x

  5. love the new blog format- it looks great!


  6. Love your new template! So pretty! xx


  7. Your outfit is great (I love the simplicity of dungarees), and good luck for exams too! Here in Scotland everyone is pretty much finished our exams except from me so I've been trying to stay away from caffeine and having a load of tea as well! :) x

  8. Perfect outfit, cool as hell.


  9. Cute overalls! They look lovely with that blouse. Your blog redesign is adorable as well. :)

  10. love!

  11. The blog design looks really nice! Definitely suits a vintage style more, I feel. :) hope revision is going okay – I'm in the same boat :( looking forward to your next post xx
    p.s. I will never understand normal people either. hahah


    1. thankyou so much! I think so too, the old template just didn't really fit! <3 x

  12. I always hated physics!
    Wish I had had some awesome dungarees to revise in though!


  13. such a sweet outfit!


  14. my goodness how are your outfits always so lovely! those overalls are great.
    bella x

  15. I love the new design of your blog!!!! I also really need to work on my logo... have done some attempts, but not yet happy... love yours!

  16. I think the bowling shoes are so cute! good luck for physics today x


  17. thankyou so much! oh my god it was impossible...thank god I don't want to be a scientist! xx


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