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Friday, 17 October 2014

Hello - I hope you have all had a good week! Here are the rest of the photos from the Miss Robin magazine shoot with Ailera Stone. There are quite a few but I thought I may as well share them all, as not all of them made it into print. We shot primarily on digital, but there are also a few film and polaroid photos scattered about as well.

I wore a Beyond Retro shirt and dungarees with Rokit shoes. Ailera and I improvised the hair with some gold ribbon I happened to have in my bag. It was the first time I'd actually changed outfit on location for a shoot, and so that might explain how huge my bag is as it was literally stuffed full of possible options. It was fun to do but I can imagine confused the members of the public who kept seeing me run in and out of the museum toilets in different clothes each time.

Another first was the fact we actually changed location for this shoot too - starting in the Natural History museum, we then made our way through central London to Covent Garden, stopping in a few antique bookshops on the way, and accidentally crashing some sort of roller-blading marathon. We then shot around Neal's Yard for a while, which was perfect as there are just so many different backdrops to use. It was such a great experience and such a good idea - why hire out studio space when there is so many wonderful places in London that you could use instead?

For the last outfit we found the Astrology shop in Covent Garden matched the outfit perfectly, so spent about twenty minutes flipping my hair around outside and receiving some odd looks from passers by. Covent Garden is a fantastic place to shoot as everything is old and interesting, it's always busy and there is always something unusual going on, however you do have to put up with a few tourists looking at you weirdly (but then again, you get that anywhere).
The second outfit was a Beyond Retro shirt, Camden Passage market dungaree dress and accessories as before.

Anyway, that's all of them! I had such an amazing day with Ailera, and loved the way they came out in the magazine (which you can buy here). I'm going away this weekend so should be back next week with some more of my usual posts, but in the mean time you can see my first post as resident blogger for Mod Dolly here. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. beautiful photos - as always : )

  2. I feel like you are the only person who can pull off those pink dungarees, love both the outfits!

  3. these photos are FAB! totally in love with all these shots, ailera did an amazing job

  4. These outfits look great, love the photography!


  5. Love all the photos in this post, and the previous one. Your outfits are just lovely and the photography is so dreamy in the museum and outside the astrology shop!

    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

  6. these are so beautiful! i lovee the blue dress so much too x

  7. omg you are so pretty and cute!!!

  8. These are great! I actually styled the cover photo of this issue of Miss Robin and styled one of the editorials in there. When flipping through it I saw your photos and was pleasantly surprised. You are a beauty.

    1. thank you! ah I loved that editorial - the colours and dreamy aesthetic were so perfect! x

  9. Cute look! =)
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  10. Oh dear, you look adorable! I love the pastel pale pink dungarees and the blouse. Amazing photos! Not to mention the slight Orla Kiely meets Laura Ashley groove in your style. Beyond beautiful.

  11. LOVE both outfits, I am soooo jealous of your style <3 I love the natural history museum, looks like you had a great day xxx

    Style, Sequins & Stripy Tights

  12. I love your hair and the cat eye! Both outfits are amazing.

  13. Looking rather furtive on the 2nd sweetie shop one!!

  14. agh these are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Stunning photos!!! x



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