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Sunday, 21 December 2014

I finished school for the holidays on Friday. My friends and I tend to do something on last days, but this year we really went all-out and ended up ice-skating at the Natural History Museum. It was probably one of the most christmassy things I've done this year, and was a lovely start to the holiday season, although I couldn't get over the sheer comicality of realising that we, a group of seventeen year old girls, were wandering around a museum on a friday night instead of being out drinking or partying or doing the things teenagers are generally supposed to do. It really got me in the mood for christmas, and for the rest of the holidays - I want to go out and spend more time around London while I have the time, as working now means I don't get out on Saturdays like I used to. I am in desperate need of going record shopping, as although my Abba collection is essentially all I need I do feel like I need a few new albums to kick off the new year with.

In other news, after a café breakfast with friends (and running late, as per usual) I went out to see the family and finally managed to take some outfit pictures. Every time I've worn a vaguely put-together outfit recently (that isn't pyjamas) I just haven't had time to photograph it, and although my resolution to take more film pictures has been kept quite well, the wait to finish the roll and get them developed have left my content for this page seriously lacking. I will get my act together over the holidays though, I promise.
I wore my shirt and dungaree dress from Clothes Show, with a little necklace from Lotus Fairy on Etsy.

I'm still really into florals and clashing prints at the moment, and so you can imagine my elation at being sent this coat from Style London. It has an amazing matted texture that reminds me of that handmade paper you can buy with little dried flowers mixed within it. I forget that coats are just as much a part of an outfit as they are something to keep you warm, and so it was nice to be reminded that you can dress up and still be weather-appropriate! I'm looking forward to wearing it in the snow (if it snows this year!) as I can imagine it standing out so well against the white.

I had a lovely day at work on Saturday, and was so surprised to be given the chance to choose a piece of jewellery to keep as my christmas present. I couldn't help but go for a pair of tiny gold-plated frog earrings by Bill Skinner which I have had my eye on for weeks - despite my limited (but growing!) knowledge of jewellery, I have managed to identify Skinner as one of my favourite current designers, and so can't actually believe I now have something of his. I am sure I will be wearing them for possibly the rest of my life. I also was given Japanese green tea, which I am so ridiculously excited about (as you probably know I have a literal passion for green tea, I can't get enough). The above photos are from when I photographed the shop about a year ago for this post, but I couldn't help adding them as the warm light and cosiness of it just makes me think of christmas.

I'm really looking forward to getting some more of my film photos developed, and getting some more content ready over the holiday for this page. In the meantime, I hope you are all feeling as christmassy as I am, and if I don't post before the day itself I hope you have a great one!


  1. I looove this outfit - your coat is beautiful! in love with your pinafore too. hope you have a lovely Christmas ellie! xxx

  2. that floral coat is the bomb, you take lovely photos as always Ellie

  3. I love how your necklace looks like it's holding your blouse and pinafore together.

  4. I really love the pattern on your shirt! I hope you have a very merry Christmas Ellie :)
    - F -

  5. I love your necklace and merry Christmas ! xx

  6. Love the pinafore Ellie! Ah Hirst Antiques is one of my favourite spots. Also not sure if I've ever said this but your hair is so beautiful! <3

  7. I love the outfit, especially the shirt and the little hand charm! H xx

  8. I love the outfit! Especially the coat as it compliments your outfit, rather than covering it up like the usual winter coat! (also floral patterns are always the best) x

  9. I absolutely love your style Ellie, and your vintage finds are always fab! <3 I think you used to follow my instagram :P But not anymore I don't think! I love yours xxx

    1. thankyou!! and ah so sorry my instagram is a little messed up, I think I am following you now! xx

  10. The shirt and dungaree dress combo is completely and utterly 100% cool. You rock the scrunchie too and the clashing patterns. Hope you had a brill crimbo!

  11. I didn't know you worked in an antiques shop, so cool!


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