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Sunday, 1 March 2015

After spending the last week with almost no internet or phone signal in Wales on a field trip, it feels somewhat cathartic to finally get to catch up with missed posts and LFW updates that have been hanging over me while I've been away. After this and the second batch of photos from Margate I will be officially up to date, which is definitely an achievement for me. I don't know what the next two months will bring as I know I have to start revising for my exams in May, but hopefully they will be as photogenic as January and February have been so far (I intend to continue taking film photos of anything that moves (or doesn't move) anyway).
So, here is my third and final London Fashion Week update (a week late, I know). I didn't manage to make it down to Somerset House on the Sunday but still got some pictures of my outfit in between running around London, getting caught in traffic and being rained on. I have to admit the S/S season is my favourite - February brings too much cold and rain!

I wore an amazing velvet embroidered jacket and colourful shirt from Beyond Retro, with crushed velvet leggings from Urban Outfitters and Asos shoes. The pom-pom earrings were hand made by Shirley, one of the ladies I work for at Hirst Antiques, and I still can't get over just how well they match the shirt colour-wise. It was so lovely to be able to represent the shop and Shirley's incredible handiwork at LFW, especially as statement earrings are a huge thing at the moment and as Shirley herself said, there is no point going anywhere in boring earrings - if you're going to do it, you may as well stand out.

I don't think there has been a collection this season that I haven't liked - seventies fashion has always been a favourite of mine, and so to have my personal taste suddenly a major high-fashion trend is amazing - everywhere I look is designs I love, covet, and can relate to. Here are a few favourites:

Stella Jean brought a vibrant mash-up of print and texture to the sophisticated and serene Milan scene, with her Indian Himalayas inspired collection boasting colour, pattern, embellishment and a whole load of style. Shapes were long and flowing with low waistlines and bishop sleeves, high and cowl necks and high-waist A-Line midis that will see us through perfectly from Autumn to Winter.

Burberry Prorsum is another collection that I am completely head-over-heels with. A distinct 70's flair runs through the etheral floral creations, with shaggy coats, suede and leopard print patchwork-ing and piecing everything together into a truly 'heartfelt and romantic' collection. The colour palette is deep, dark and wholesome, and brings to mind the dark, grainy photographs and faded fashion advertisements popular in decades past.

Dolce & Gabbana also cannot be ignored - once again creating a classical, elegant but also cutting-edge and modern collection celebrating motherhood. The clothes were at their finest - traditional, Italian and absolutely beautiful. Lace, silk, embroidered roses, sheer dresses and laser cut decor made the collection a wonderful celebration of female power, beauty and fertility.
(All runway photos from Vogue)

Anyway, in other news I got yet another set of film developed. I'm beginning to become one of those people who constantly has a camera on the go, and I'm loving it - there's nothing better than knowing you've caught a moment in time and immortalised it in a physical print. I've also finally found disposables that produce the effects I like all the time (the Kodak funsaver) and am loving the fact that I know how the pictures will come out quality and colour-wise.

1, 2 and 3 - Margate, plus watching the Sunset with my friend who was coincidentally there at the same time as me // 4 and 5 - Valentine's Day is always better when wearing glitter and dancing to Abba // 6 - A wall in my room feat signed Peace ticket & Peace photos.

Photos from our AS Geography trip to Wales including beaches, caramel lattes, daffodils and the famous £1.20 shop.

Tenby // Barafundle Bay

The trip was actually really successful as despite the freezing cold we managed to get loads of work done, and see some really beautiful places. We also survived a midnight attack from a wasp in our dorm room, terrifying sleep talking episodes and a four mile hike, and managed to make it much less like a school field trip and more like a week-long sleepover. I actually really miss it. Anyway, I hope you all have a good week!


  1. wales looks beautiful, and i love how co-ordinated the colours are in your outfit!! beautiful jacket. xx

  2. Those earrings!! So cool. The pictures turned out beautiful!

  3. Love how you have styled that look, gorgeous!

  4. love your film photos (as always) xx

  5. You have really inspired me to get hold of some disposables when I'm next in England (which might be at christmas, so will be a bit of a wait! I just love how they look once they're developed. I can't wait to get some to take photos when I'm travelling!
    Just wanted to say how beautiful your complexion is too, you have the loveliest skin!
    Bethany x

  6. I love the way you mix patterns and textures, so so cool! And I'm completely in love with that rose-embroidered D&G dress. Your photos from Wales are so beautiful!

    xx Alyssa

  7. Re: Shirley's opinion on earrings - the church says amen. She's a genius; those earrings are the bee's knees. Burberry still really upsets me. That line was quite possibly one of the best at London Fashion Week.

    Glitter Daiquiri Bl(ah)g

    1. She really is! and I know right - it hurts to look at it's so perfect! xx

  8. I'm obsessed with your shirt/jacket combo and your earrings are perfection, plus the fact they're handmade is super cool. All these collections were amazing, I especially loved Dolce & Gabbana. Your disposables are so dreamy, all your pictures are so pretty! x

  9. That jacket is so beautiful! xx

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