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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

This has to be a record - it's not even been a week since my last post!! Finally I'm sticking to my goal of keeping this page up to date. This is the second post in collaboration with Rokit, who gave me the opportunity to style a few of their pieces to make a little autumn/winter series on here. I went a little all-out for these outfits...I had a free period in the morning and so made the most of the morning light (the only time it's really daylight at this time of year!) and ended up getting really carried away layering up a silly amount of patterns. You can definitely never have too many patterns.

So recently, I've been rediscovering pink. As a "tomboy" kid, I stayed far away from anything even vaguely peachy in colour simply because I thought that it was "girly," something I definitely did not want to be (I also was convinced that High School Musical was girly, and refused to like it with such passion that I actually went to the length of hiding under the table in my year 4 classroom to avoid denting my pride by succumbing to watch it). Of course, as I now know (thankfully) pink is of course not "girly"...I don't believe that colours, or anything really, has a gender, and so now am much more able to wear a whole variety of colours, prints and florals because there is nothing gendered about a pattern - it can take on the assigned gender of the wearer, or simply remain neutral. It's up to the individual. 
Anyway, this revelation that not wearing pink would not make me less "girly," and wearing pink would not make me any more feminine than I already am, really made me rethink it as a colour and start to wear more pastel shades with different clothes in my wardrobe already. When I was given the chance to style some pieces for Rokit, my friend Alice spotted this pink coat in their Covent Garden store and I knew I had to have it - what better way to break my fear of pink than to dive into the deep-end with a huge salmon pink jacket?! 
I actually found it really easy to style - the more I experiment, the more I am finding that pretty much anything can go with anything so long as it fits the sort of mood you were trying to achieve. I adore clashing patterns, and so my first outfit included a vintage leopard print top, checkered trousers and a Rokit vintage patterned shirt that ordinarily I would not have expected to go with a pink jacket, however on second thought actually could and did. 

I've had this Unif cap lurking around my bedroom for a while now, and I couldn't help incorporate it somehow as it is so similar in colour to the jacket. I kind of really love colour co-ordination. It toned down the jacket somewhat and made the look slightly more casual, which I liked. I also love it with the leopard print as for some reason the two seem to go together really well.

For the second outfit I wore my black and white vintage patterned trousers, creepers and a charity shop top. I think the bold, graphic pattern of the trousers gave the look a distinctly 80s feel, fitting well with the coat's huge shoulder pads. I wore a beaded choker, antique carved necklace and pendant to fill up space as I don't suit a bare neck for some reason (also, I will never ever turn down an opportunity to wear as much jewellery as possible).
I got really into the whole pink vibe whilst putting these outfits together, and so here are a few of the images from my tumblr that kind of summarise the aesthetic I was feeling.

(clockwise from top: source, source, source)

 source, source source source)

(clockwise from top: source, source, source, source)

I hope you have a good week - I'm snowed under with deadlines for Bloom but all is hopefully going vaguely to plan. My english teacher also re-set the deadline for our coursework to after the holidays which was an actual life-saver and caused me to blurt out "REALLY?! Oh my god YES yes THANK YOU oh my GOD" in the middle of class today. So yeah. Things are looking up, things are happening, watch this space (I hope it all works out hehe).


  1. That coat is lovely! I really like both looks, and the layering in the first look is genius. Great post!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. Love that pink and matching hat from Uniqlo Ellie! And the bonus moodboard at the end though. I had the same aversion to pink in childhood and was a major tomboy, also hated and avoided highschool musical but was never forced to watch it in school thank god
    So glad you pointed out colours don't denote gender/ it's a social construct <3 <3


    1. thank you so much!! and yeah I thought it was important to address - i'm really interested in separating things like fashion from genders, so I thought pink was a good place to start!! <3

  3. That coat is GORGEOUS, pink looks so wonderful with your hair! I hope Bloom is going brilliantly!
    Bethany x


    1. thank you so much!! I really appreciate the support with it hehe! xx

  4. Those necklaces are amazing and I would totally have been your Year 4 friend who also hated High School Musical :) You actually kind of remind me of Effy Stonem from Skins in some of these pictures, which is a total compliment:) xoxo


    1. Thank you so much! and wow OMG EFFY that might be the best compliment of my life??! Thank you so much!!!! <3

  5. Love this outfit , you look stunning !
    this coral coat is awesome, wish we had Rokit in France ;)


  6. Hi, I'm a photographer and I'd love to collaborate with you on an outift shoot. I'll leave my blog and portfolio links below for you to peruse and If you're interested feel free to email me (miriam.woodburn@gmail.com). Don't worry, I'm an 18 year old girl not a creepy old dude :) I'd have contacted you more directly but it doesn't seem you have a business email on here.


    1. Hi! I do have a business email in my sidebar and contact page - ellieconnorphillips@gmail.com !
      Sounds really good, I will try and drop you an email :) xx

    2. oh didn't see that, thanks - I'll get in touch :)

  7. The hat! I've been lusting after the avocado/cherry hat for a while now, but you're really making me want the pink one! It looks so good on you :)


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