London Fashion Week A/W16 Day 3 - Danielle Romeril & Street Style

Sunday, 21 February 2016

I forget how much I thrive under the pressure of fashion week until I'm actually there - rushing about is really when I am at my happiest, and nothing beats having places to go and people to see. Today I brought two friends of mine (who work on Bloom with me) which was really nice but also really weird for me as I've never introduced anyone to LFW before - it can be quite intense, and there are these weird little etiquette sort of things you would only know after years of going (I'm still very clueless as you can imagine!) It was nice taking people with me and not doing the awkward wander around alone while waiting for a show to meet people. 

My sweet pal Alice took these photos of Stanley and I - I went for a very toned-down, dark navy palette for's easy to get swept up in the hype of the event and get carried away with all the bright colours, so I wanted to try and play around with a more muted look and see if I could make that work. I wore Underground shoes with Topshop shorts, tights and socks, H&M top, and vintage jacket, bag and sunglasses. I couldn't help but clash all of the stripes / patterns together - it's just so much fun?!

Our first stop of the day was Brewer Street as I needed to pick up my press pass for the showrooms tomorrow, and take some street style for Bloom. It was super quiet there as all the crowds were at the Topshop showspace, so we decided to head down there too.

The street style at the Topshop show was amazing, as I had expected - it's fascinating to see so many dressed-up people all in one seeing a flock of exotic birds, or something similarly rare. You probably can't get a better place to people watch, either.

We then saw the Danielle Romeril presentation, which absolutely BLEW MY MIND...seriously it was my favourite thing I've seen this season so far. Amazing elongated silhouettes, split elbows and knees, loose embroidery thread, a clear and concise colour palette, and a really fantastic set with ribbons separating the models into thematic sections. There was a distinctly youthful, street edge to the collection, with the colours keeping it sleek and stylish in the most contemporary way. If any presentation represents fashion at the moment, I would say it was this one.

I think the reason the collection was so successful is Romeril's refusal to stick to one basic concept, but instead explore a number of ideas that draw her interest, pulling parts from each and culminating a variety of features and inspirations into the pieces shown today. Historical costume, sportswear, futuristic fabrics and even inspiration from Isabel de Valois, Consort of King Philip 2nd of Spain, combine together to create a fascinating selection of garments with so much more depth and context than you might originally expect. Romeril's collection isn't just fashion, but it's real - real style, real inspiration, real people. A really amazing show.

I then went back to Brewer Street to take some last minute street style photos, before meeting up with Mona for a little while. It is so nice seeing a friendly face at fashion week. I then headed home to get ready and grab some food before the River Island x i-D Magazine fashion film event this evening, which I will feature in tomorrow's post.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. It looks like you had an amazing time! The street style photographs are absolutely spectacular and I adore your outfit, especially your jacket! x

  2. So glad you snapped the lovely @CicelyCreswell braving the crowds to shoot some shows for the @notesbyastylist team - loved her look!

  3. Again, so jealous! And I love your tights!
    xx Alyssa

  4. fashion week has become as much about the shows as the street style looks- so much better than going to the mall or grocery store and seeing everyone wearing the same thing over and over!

  5. Too many fabulous ensembles for one post!!! Your yearly coverage of LFW is always among my favs. :)

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