London Fashion Week A/W16 Day 4 - AF Vandevorst, Ashish & Streetstyle

Monday, 22 February 2016

Today has been absolutely manic in the best way possible, even though quite a fair amount was spent hanging around and trying (often unsuccessfully) not to get in the way. I worked backstage steaming the pieces for the AF Vandevorst and Ashish shows, although we weren't needed that much so got to watch all of the styling / dressing taking place. I'd been backstage at Holly Fulton before but this was a whole different experience...Brewer Street is huge, and it was a feat not getting lost in the maze of temporary walls and rows of showbiz style mirrors framed in lightbulbs. The steam team was super lovely which made the experience so lovely, too.

 Some photos from the River Island x SIBLING fashion film event last night, with the British Fashion Council and i-D magazine, where I met up with Leanne, Amy and Hannah. We listened to a panel talk about subcultures and watched the films, before dancing the night away with mini bottles of prosecco.

I wore my MadeMe NYC coat...I adore it and it's just so much fun to wear. All clothes should have odd lengths and clashing patterns, it's heavenly. My shoes are Underground, socks from Topshop and the rest (Beret included) is vintage.
 We watched the AF Vandevorst show, which was incredible - gimp-like headpieces, chain jewellery, explosive red eye makeup and a fascinating selection of silhouettes, deconstructed suits and platform boots. Apologies for the quality of my photos - we watched the shows straight from working so I only had my phone on me to take photos with.
We then went for lunch to Wholefoods which was so good especially as I rarely get to eat properly during fashion week - rushing about from place to place usually doesn't leave much time for even a coffee, let alone an actual it was a real treat to sit down and relax for a bit, before heading back to Brewer Street to shoot some streetstyle outside.

We then went back upstairs and watched the preparations for the Ashish you can imagine, Ashish was our most anticipated show and it was amazing to get the opportunity to watch it come together. We were able to watch it afterwards too - an explosion of sequins, glitter and colours that did literally pop, it was an exciting collection of fun fashion and sassy in all the best ways.

As again apologies for the poor photo quality - had to use my phone as my camera was in my bag backstage and I didn't have time to run and grab it. The Ashish show was such a breath of fresh air to the sometimes quite pretentious-feeling shows you expect to see at London Fashion Week - colourful sassy and fun, the pieces were strong statement looks that oozed confidence and effortless style, in a very original and uncontrived way. An amazing show, I will definitely be writing up about it properly with better imagery once LFW is over and I have some time again hehe!


  1. Love your coat and hat Ellie, so much fun print clashing going on
    And to see Ashish in the flesh this season! I die- every season is so different from the last but firmly rooted in style and aesthetic :)

  2. Awesome photos, and I love your coat!

    xx Alyssa

  3. :D How exiting! I just found your blog. : ) That coat is the most amazing coat ever! Don't have to follow -

  4. All very good points to note!!! Looking forward to seeing what is in the baggies!
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