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Friday, 1 April 2016

Hello again!!! I've had exactly a week off today and oh my has a lot happened. It all started quite calmly last Friday and Saturday, just working at home and running a few errands...then on Sunday I met up with Hollie to shoot for her photography project (photos to come soon), which was lovely although I managed to break the sole off of one of my huge creepers so did not look exactly my best wandering around in the loafer-ish remains of shoes. I went to the Royal Academy on Monday evening with my pal Hawabibi to see the Modern Garden exhibition, which was amazing and so pretty and calming and so worth a visit, then on Tuesday I hung out with Mona and explored Hackney Wick, before hitting up Moth Club for a film viewing and hanging with some friends.

I hadn't ever really explored Hackney before, so you can imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I arrived at Hackney Wick station to find every possible surface within a mile radius absolutely covered in graffiti and colourful street art. It was like a sort of urban salvation mountain. We took photos and explored various car parks and quiet backstreets, before the weather turned crazy and we had to run through the pouring rain and fierce winds trying to find some shelter. We briefly stood in the doorway of a garage before spotting a door on the other side of an empty lot with "push" written on it. I was convinced we were going to end up in some sort of murderer's warehouse but it turned out to be a huge bar / coffee shop, with lovely people and cosy lights and long tables. In short we found a real gem that I definitely will be returning to as many times as I can.

 For some reason I managed to get my thumb into so many of these? I'm going to blame the horrendous weather but it probably was more my own clumsiness. The outfit and last two photos above were from Wednesday; after attending a revision session at college (internal sobbing) I met up with Alice and went shopping on Oxford Street for a little break. I also walk past the graffiti in the last photo at least once a week, and have been wanting to photograph someone in front of it for ages.

The last few are from various parties / gatherings / days with friends over the last few months, on a roll of film I had totally forgotten about until now. I love finding film you don't remember using - it's so exciting seeing what you were up to.
Anyway, I'll be back with an outfit post / normal happenings very soon!


  1. So many awesome pictures! I'm in love with your blog <3<3
    Moth And Poppy

  2. just got a film camera, love the result of these!

  3. I really like the vibes of the photos you took. The street art looks pretty cool in your pictures as well! I like :D
    Jade x

  4. I love the style of this post <3 the photos are mazing as always x


  5. Rad photos, as always :)
    xx Alyssa

  6. So enviable of your experiences in the city- and getting to discover new places by wandering about (also hanging with friends- I miss that)



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