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Thursday, 7 April 2016

The second week of the Easter break is almost over, and I am majorly stressed as last week definitely did not fly by this fast. I've had a lovely holiday though, and despite the growing pile of work I have to finish, I have been quite productive.
This post is slightly jumbled; think of it as a sort of unloading of random events and photos I have so I can start again tomorrow on a clean I've-caught-up-with-myself slate! The first few photos are from before a friend's 18th party on Saturday...I get scared of 'dressy' events because I'm overdressed every day and so it's hard to get even more dressed up than usual. I did, however, find a silver jumpsuit and that solved all of my problems. The shirt was £3 from my local Dogs Trust charity shop (I spent all of my money there) and the shoes are from Monki.

1) Phone photo from a break between shooting The Ragged Priest for Sukeban // 2) Mona took this at London Fashion Week // 3) Little collage of film photos / a polaroid celebrating one of my best friend's return from holiday // 4) Work selfies at Hirst Antiques wearing Askew jewellery.

1 & 2) Outfit and postcards from last week's trip to the Painting the Modern Garden art exhibition at the Royal Academy // 3-onwards: Random practices and out-of-sketchbook doodles for my current project.

1-3: Outfits, cool house and saying goodbye to the soles of my creepers when shooting with Hollie. I broke my shoes before we'd even managed one photo, it was a sad time for everyone.
Anyway, I have a family wedding this weekend, and lots of bits and bobs to do so I will definitely have more content for the coming week. Have a lovely weekend!
Oh also my work was published on Bricks Magazine - check out the article here if you haven't already seen it!


  1. Amazing photos!

  2. Your sliver jumpsuit looks amazing and congratulations on your work being published. I loved your piece! x

  3. Love you outfit as all the shiny fabrics look so lush! Really like the top especially, though we're so jealous as we never can find anything that pretty in a charity shop :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  4. Your blog is like a walk in the clouds.Cool, refreshing and unique. Kt has taken me all this time to realise that you have a blog, silly me. I shall add you to my blog roll this second

  5. I love, love the phone photos so much.

  6. Yeah I love your posts! they are the coolest <3<3

    Moth And Poppy

  7. That outfit is..EVERYTHING!!!! You always pull off the most outgoing and beautiful outfits. I love it!!!!!

  8. That 18th birthday outfit is really beautiful!

  9. omg that gold monkey necklace I'm crying- SO BEAUTIFUL
    Also, you can't go wrong with a silver jumpsuit <3 <3

    1. thank you!! and omg I know I WANT IT SO BAD xxx

  10. I LOVE how you styled the silver jumpsuit, it looks incredible with the red! And those jeans in the last look are unreal <3 always amazing! xx

  11. this post is so inspiring. LOVE all the pictures

    Ruby x

  12. This is so beautiful! I love your style you are such an inspiration...


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